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Farm & Fruit Trees for 2023

This Deal is only for the Month June, July and August while plants are dormint


The Prefered Paks     

8 trees for $220

Acer Rubrum – Canadian Red maple

Acer Cordata - Italian Elder
Alnus Glut  - black alder
Fraxinus Raywoodii – Claret Ash

Platanus Acefolia – (London Plane)

Poplar Flevo
Quercus Palustris – Pin Oak
Taxodium - Swamp Cypress

*List may vary as to content depending on availability


Fruit Tree Specials

We have grown over 50 varieties of Fruit Trees ready to plant now.

Our price bare root is $50

Includes Apple, Nectarine, Peach & Plum


Farm Tree Value Packs for 2022

Acer Rurum  (red maple)  -   2.5m 3 for $120
Albizzia (silk tree) 2.5m 3 for $120
Alnus (Elder) - 2 varieties 2m 3 for $105
Betula (Birch) - 2 variaties 1.8m 3 for $105
Fagus (copper beech) 1.8m Sold Out
Fraxinus (Claret Ash) 2.5m 3 for $120
Ginkgo Biloba 1.5m Sold Out
Idesia (Wonder Tree) 1.5m $65
Juglans Regia - Walnut 1.8m 3 for $120
Liquidambar (grafted trees)    
(Lane Roberts / Buirgandy / Vera) 2m $85
                       Styraciflua 1.5 3 for $120
Liriodendron (Tulip tree)        2m Sold Out
Magnolia Grandiflora 1.2m $45
Metaasequoia (Dawn Redwood)  Soldout 2m Sold Out
Nyssa 1.2m 3 for $105
Platanus (London and Oriental Plane) 2m 3 for $120
Populus -  Flevo and Chebia (lombady type) 2.5m 20 for $140
Prunus (Flowering Cherry)  2.5m $65
Prunus (weeping) x 2 varieties   $85
Quercus  Pin Oak and Red Oak 1.5m 3 for $120

Salix (weeping willow)  2 yr




Sold Out

3 for $105

Taxodium (Swamp Cypress) 1.5m

3 for $120

Ulmus (Elm-Golden or Variegata) 2.5m Sold out
Phone 078716208