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Gardening Tips and Hints


Yes once again Spring is in the air!!!  Its time to enjoy all those fragrant spring blossoms and flowers.  There's nothing quite like the beautiful aroma of the

"Boronia"                               "Daphne"                               "Buddleia"

And beautiful haze of pink or white "flowering Cherries", we have limited numbers of potted cherry trees available and a large range of weeping ornamentals.

We are very happy to have some awesome new arrivals


Cordyline red fountain -

Limited numbers so be in quick

This has to be the most stunning and graceful landscape plant:

  1. Clump forming
  2. Deep red that doesn't fade
  3. Sweetly perfumed white flowers
  4. Grows in most situations
  5. Also brilliant in pots
  6. Simply sensational

For all you foodie people who enjoy homegrown fare:

Raspberries               Blueberries                Logan berries            Boysenberries          Blackcurrants              Redcurrants






Now a commonly asked questions:

"How do I protect my fruit trees?"

Here is a list to help "prevention" which is better than "cure":


Season:          while dormant control all fungus diseases: all insects and eggs with Champion Copper and Conqueror Oil. Season in bud swell Control all fungus diseases with Champion Copper.


Season:          October-November (main petal fall)  Control verucossis, melanose, aphids with Champion Copper and Mavrik.



Season:          November-February  Control brown spot, mealy bug, passion vine hopper with Champion Copper and Mavrik used monthly.


Season:          While dormant, at bud swell, at bud burst - control all fungus diseases, leaf curl with Champion Copper.  At full bloom, at petal fall and 3 weeks later: Control brown rot with Greenguard.


Season:          May - Control hard wax scale with Conqueror Oil.


Season           August: Control scales, mites, mildew, black spot with Champion Copper and Conqueror Oil. At bud swell: Control scales, mites, mildew, black spot with Champion Copper and Conqueror Oil.  At bud burst, pre-blossom, post-fruit set: Control downy mildew, powdery mildew, black spot with Greenguard used at 14 day intervals.



Season           Late July.  Control scale, mites with Conqueror Oil.  At bud movement:  Control leaf spot with Champion CopperPre-blossom. Control fungus diseases, caterpillars with Champion Copper and Mavrik.

We have new seasons ROSES:

            Standards                  Climbers                    Patio Standards

            Bush                           Carpet


We recommend for best performance use Nitrophoska Blue and have a good watering program, "a healthy rose is a happy rose".  This will minimise the need for sprays.

  1. Don't forget to Feed your Citrus and Fruit trees now with Citrus and Fruit Tree Fertiliser.  This is the premium time to plant fruit and citrus 
  2. Don't forget Strawberries in a bed or pots or hanging baskets.
  3. Do you want some awesome flowers to cut over the summer and Christmas time? - We recommend Lilliums, plant bulbs now for beautiful, longlasting, multi headed trumpets that are perfect cut flowers or a show in the garden - 7 varieties available.
  4. If you haven't started yet you could prepare your vege and flower gardens with Organic compost or General garden fertiliser and mulch with Pea Straw.
  5. Your Lawn needs some tender care after winter rain, wind and frosts.  Apply Lawn Fertiliser to stimulate new growth and reduce moss and weeds.